Today = Comics! Tomorrow = Thanks!

William DeVaughn was right on message when he wrote one of the greatest songs ever recorded and in a week that’s all about being thankful, today we’re giving thanks for a great week of comics on the New Arrivals rack today. But don’t take my word on it, look at that shipping list that has everything from Batwoman #0 to Chew volume 3 to Ex Machina volume 10 to Fantastic Four #585 to the complete Al’s Baby to Chaos War: Alpha Flight #1 to Madame Xanadu #29 to Stan Lee’s The Traveler to the awesome Uncanny X-Force #2 to that anticipated new story in Detective Comics #871 to Walking Dead volume 13 *and* Walking Dead #79 on it. Nice!

The Isotope will be rocking our regular hours today and Friday, but tomorrow we’re taking the day to spend some time with our loved ones for Thanksgiving… I hope you all have a wonderful day of sharing life’s happinesses with your friends, lovers, and families. We’ll be spinning the soul classics William DeVaughn loves here all week long, because he and I think we all have a lot to be thankful for. 

Today, comics. Tomorrow, thanks.

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