Tune into the Isotope Hi-Fi

Want to know what we’re playing at the Isotope? Tune into the Isotope Hi-Fi and give your earbuds a hand-selected selection of Iso-approved tunes to complement your sequential art reads.

Like last week I’m still in an indy electro-punk new wave mood, as evidenced by a duo of Kraftwerk covers by The Cardigans and the Enzo Fabiani Quartet, but this week’s vibe is a bit more on the noise-y side of things (maybe it was my trip to Coney Island over the weekend). Whatever the case, I think you’ll enjoy indulging your ears with the likies of Robotnicka, Von LMO, The Units, Virgin Mega Whore, Lost Sounds, and a really cool duet with Little Boots & Gary Numan. I hope you’re all enjoying peeking in on what we’re playing around these parts!

Isotope HI-FI for 9/30/10

(Image from PopGun volume 2 c/o Paul Pope)

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