Update Your Pull List On Your Sexy Mobile Device

For those of you wonderful people who have regular pull-lists here at the Isotope and are walking around with sexy mobile devices in your pockets… go ahead and update those lists to your heart’s content with Comixology. This is something I wanted to have made for our customers for years!

Long before it was a reality I asked Diamond Comics and several software developers to make a website and a program that would make managing your subscriptions effortless for you folks, but none had the vision to see how this could benefit the entire comic industry… that is until I found the folks from Comixology. These people not only “got it” and built us something beautiful but they’ve also managed to carve quite a nice high tech comic industry niche for themselves in the process. Bravo, guys!

So don’t be shy, start using their great site. And if you have an iPhone, grab yourself the app here. Blackberry user? There’s an app for you too!

Find out more here: www.comixology.com

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