Wally Wood Artist Edition Returns!

There is no comic artist I regard higher than the legendary Wally Wood. And in my world there just is no one better in the history of the industry. Even if you don’t know his name, you probably know his classic work from his T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Strange Worlds, Creepy, a goodly portion of early MAD Magazine, the iconic series of Mars Attacks trading cards, the self-published witzend, and for creating the endlessly popular Power Girl, as well as designing the best superhero costume ever in Daredevil.

And without a doubt his 60s super spy strip Cannon is the single most cool, hard boiled comic ever made (hopefully the folks at Fantagraphics will get it back in print soon). I cry a little tear each week that we can’t put it in your hands anymore.

But Wally Wood’s most famous stuff of all is the work he did for EC Comics, including Weird Science Fantasy, Two-Fisted Tales, and Tales from the Crypt. Mmmm… no one does bubble helmets, ray guns, skull-faced monsterbrain aliens, and pretty atom age space ladies better.

Earlier this year IDW released a massive and utterly gorgeous collection of Wally’s EC Comics stories scanned directly from Wally’s original artwork pages known as the Wally Wood EC Stories Artist’s Edition. It sold out worldwide before the thing even shipped and caused something of an industry panic. We’ve heard stories of fist fights in comic stores elsewhere and for weeks here at the Isotope we’ve had desperate phone calls from folks trying to get their hands on the year’s most jaw-dropping release. And all the time we’ve watched prices absolutely explode for the very rare copies on eBay.

Go ahead and check out why I and everyone else in comics is so maddeningly excited about it. Here’s a Nerd or Geek review jam-packed with awesome pictures of this gorgeous book, or if you prefer there’s this unboxing video. Wow, right?!

Well happy news, people. They are going back to print! YES!

So don’t delay, drop us a line or give us a call right away to be among the first to get on our list for the new printing of this book. We’re thrilled to get to help you get a copy! And, yes… it really is that huge!

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