Who Do You Want To Meet @ WonderCon?

Wow, WonderCon is right around the corner! One of the best parts about this con is despite all the huge superstar comic creators the convention brings in, it still has a really nice, intimate atmosphere and meeting your favorite creators is usually pretty easy.

My favorite WonderCon memory is from my first one, back in 1999, and first meeting the great Dave Stevens, who was smiling behind his table and more than happy to talk about pretty girls, 80’s indy comics, old cars, pin-up art, and ray guns. One of my absolute favorite creators and he was just so nice, happy and completely accessible to his fans. Dave was the perfect introduction to WonderCon and set the tone for me ever since. Although sadly Mister Stevens has passed onto that great art studio in the sky (we miss you Dave!) here at the Isotope we’ve always attempted to emulate that friendly, intimate, make-friends-with-your-idols vibe that Dave always brought to the con. And this year we’ll be continuing that tradition with a couple of the coolest, craziest events we’ve ever done.

So let’s look at the official featured guest list… and also the Artist’s Alley listings too. Here’s the special guest list for your convenience, admittedly we’re pretty spoiled and have gotten to make friends and do in-stores for you with lots of these folks. But with a list this exciting, there’s still plenty of creators left to say “hello” to for the very first time even for us professional comic pimps. I bolded those folks’ names that I’m hoping to finally get to meet this year.

Jason Aaron
Sergio Aragonés
Berkeley Breathed
Tony Daniel
Mark Evanier
Adam Hughes
Brian Keene
Robert Kirkman
Hope Larson
Bob Layton
Paul Levitz
Jeremy Love
Francis Manapul
Carla Speed McNeil
Terry Moore
Ryan Ottley
Joe Quesada
Frank Quitely
Amy Reeder
James Robinson
Bill Sienkiewicz
Len Wein
F. Paul Wilson
Judd Winick
Marv Wolfman

And three from Artist’s Alley too:

Geof Darrow
Ted McKeever
Alex Niño

It’s shaping up to be a great year! Whatta ya think, who do you want to meet at WonderCon this year?

  1. Amir

    Frank Quitely
    James Robinson
    Bill Sienkiewicz
    Judd Winick
    Robert Kirkman

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