Wuvable Oaf Gallery Show

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy taking down the JH Williams III gallery of original BATWOMAN art that the Isotope had proudly been displaying since the end of last year. And once we did, what could we possibly hang next? I mean, seriously, how do you follow up a show with artwork from one of the greatest DC Comics ever produced?!

Here’s how – with work from my absolute favorite self-published comic being made today… Ed Luce‘s WUVABLE OAF!

If you haven’t checked out the beauty that is WUVABLE OAF yet, you definitely should. I like telling people it’s the “Scott Pilgrim of queer comics” as this series is simply chocked full of charming art, smile-inducing awkward romance, hilariously hip jokes, great moments of killer rock and roll, and downright loveable characters. It definitely gets my highest recommendation!

And here at the Isotope you can come see Luce’s original Oaf production pages, hand-painted canvases, never before seen Kerry King Rawk Gawdz art, & (of course) those Henry & Glenn prints that everybody loves so much.

Check out these and more of Ed’s photos from the gallery hanging over the weekend over on the Oaf Tumblr Blog.


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