X-Statix Omnibus Will Blow Your Mind

In the grand tradition of the gorgeous & ultra-limited Batwoman Print we made with JH Williams III for those folks who pre-ordered the Batwoman hardcover last year… this year we have something very, very special up our Isotopic sleeves for those folks who pre-order Peter Milligan and Mike Allred‘s X-Statix Omnibus.

Needless to say, we think the X-Statix Omnibus is one of the single best funnybook things you could ever hope to put on your bookshelf, I definitely consider this one of my first picks as a Desert Island Read. And it’s jam packed with awesomeness, the Omni promises to be a whopping 1200 pages of pure comics heaven! The genuinely “worst thing” to happen to this series is it gets fill-in issues by the likes of Paul Pope and Darwyn Cooke. Yep, it is SERIOUSLY THAT GOOD.

Read more about the X-Statix series here

Expect more news on our exciting pre-order exclusive soon… but I promise you, the X-Statix Omnibus at the Isotope will truly blow your mind and make all the others Doop-green with envy!

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    […] in honor of this edition’s release, we’re been quietly telling you we were going to something special to celebrate. Only here at the Isotope, the X-STATIX OMNIBUS […]

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